Упражнения на Present Perfect с ответами

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect или в Past Simple:

  1. I (be) never to Italy.
  2. We (be) there last summer.
  3. We (live) here for 2 years already.
  4. Mary (buy) an expensive dress yesterday.
  5.  I just (meet) our new teacher.
  6. My sister knows so much because she (travel) a lot.
  7. Alan (meet) his colleague an hour ago.
  8. Where you (go) last spring?
  9. She already (come) from work.
  10. When you (see) her last?
  11. The sun (not rise) yet, but the sky in the east is getting lighter every minute.
  12. The lecture (not yet begin) and the students are talking in the classroom.
  13. We (travel) around Europe last year.
  14. You (pass) your driving test yet? — Yes, I (pass) it in May, but I (not buy) a car yet.
  15. We (go) the the picnic on Sunday, but the rain (spoil) all the pleasure.


Переведите  и запомните следующие примеры:

1)    I have never been to London.

2)    Have you ever been to England?

3)    I haven’t seen you for ages (for a long time, since June etc.)

4)    She has worked here since 2010.

5)    I have done my homework.


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