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Ответы к упражнению на Present Perfect

Ответы к упражнению:

  1. I have never been to Italy.
  2. We were there last summer.
  3. We have lived here for 2 years already.
  4. Mary bought an expensive dress yesterday.
  5. I have just met our new teacher.
  6. My sister knows so much because she has travelled a lot.
  7. Alan met his colleague an hour ago.
  8. Where did you go last spring?
  9. She has already come from work.
  10. When did you see her last?
  11. The sun has not risen yet, but the sky in the east is getting lighter every minute.
  12. We went to the country yesterday, but the rain spoilt all the pleasure.
  13. The lecture has not begun yet and the students are talking in the classroom.
  14.  We travelled around Europe last year.
  15. Have you passed your driving test yet? – Yes, I passed it in May, but haven’t bought a car yet.