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READ MEИзучение языка непременно состоит из ЧЕТЫРЕХ  аспектов: чтения, аудирования, письма и говорения.

В этой рубрике представлены адаптированные тексты для чтения. Тесты разделены по уровням владения языком.

Тема одежда /прически на английском языке (сlothes and hairstyles)

Emma Watson looks elegant and  smart in  a low-cut black frock

Новый рисунок

EMMA Watson appears in a low-cut dress at the New York premiere of her new film.

The British actress looked elegant in a low-cut black dress, teaming her frock with a clutch handbag and stripy heels.

She combed her hair into a slick side-parting. This emphasized her beautiful facial features.


JESSICA Alba shines on the red carpet as she attends the Social Star Awards.

джесика альба1)







The Hollywood actress looked flawless in a strapless knee-length dress.

The pretty brunette wore her hair in loose waves and teamed her frock with on-trend white stilettos as she smiled and waved to waiting fans.


Тема: Clothes and hairstyles



flawless [‘flɔːləs] – безупречный

on-trend [ɔn trend] – очень модный



low-cut [ləu’kʌt] – (об одежде)  с глубоким вырезом

frock [frɔk] – платье

stripy [‘straɪpɪ] – полосатый

heels [hi:lz] – каблуки, туфли на каблуках

strapless [‘stræpləs] – не имеющий бретелек (о платье)

knee-length [ni: eŋ θ] – до колен

stiletto [stɪ’letəu] – туфля на шпильке

Eng reading: superman

comicsУровень: pre-intermediate

Тема: Fantasy

Who is Mr. Superman?

This name usually represents a very strong man who can do much more than others. But where did it come from? Who is actually the original SUPERMAN? This year marks 75 years since the creation of the superhero who started it all.

He appeared first in American comic books and he had abilities unknown to mortal men. He could fly, he was fast and extremely strong.  He looked rather ironic. He usually wore a blue costume, red cape, and a red-and-yellow «S» shield on his chest. Superman is a true American symbol.  It is mostly because of the facts that he is an immigrant (his motherland is planet Crypton) and an orphan (his parents died when the planet was destroyed).

In TV films and series 16 actors played superman.  The most recent film is Man of Steel (2013) where Superman is played by Henry Cavill.

  • сape [keɪp] – накидка
  • appear [ə’pɪə] – появляться
  • orphan [‘ɔːf(ə)n] — сирота
  • mortal [‘mɔːt(ə)l] — смертный
  • ability [ə’bɪlətɪ] – способность, возможность
  • hero [‘hɪərəu] – герой
  • shield [ʃi:ld] – шит