Упражнения на Past Perfect

Choose Past Perfect or Past Simple:

  1. He ___________(arrive) at the Moscow station, took a taxi and went to the hotel where he ____________(reserve) a room.
  2. After they ______(go), he __________(begin) to work.
  3. Ann ________(tell) me that she ______________(see) an interesting film.
  4. I ________(finish) my work before he _______return).
  5. We _____________ (send) all the letters by 6 o’clock.
  6. Mrs. Thomson ________(nor see) her best friend last week.
  7. They ___________ (not translate) the text when the bell ________(ring).
  8. After the sun __________(set), we ___________( decide) to go home.
  9. Tim and his girlfriend ______(go) to a birthday party last night.
  10. He ________(get up), _________(have breakfast), and ______________(go to University).
  11. He carefully _________(open) the letter which she ________(send) him.
  12. She _________(receive) a telegram from her sister yesterday.
  13. Bella __________(return) from the cinema at 10 o’clock.
  14. He ___________(think) that he ___________(lose) the money.
  15. When I ________(wake up) yesterday, father already ______ (to go) to work.


Match the beginning of the sentence with its ending:

1)      When we came to the station,

2)      By two o’clock the teacher

3)      Mary told her husband

4)      Suddenly he remembered that

5)      By the time the train reached the city


a)      he had made friends with many passengers.

b)      the train had already left.

c)      had checked all the essays.

d)      that she had seen their old friend.

e)      he had not made an important phone call.

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